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Tired of the limited selection, less than great quality, and high prices of organics? Join the Club! Members receive outstanding quality, flavor, value, assortment, flexibility, and support in helping you enjoy every last bite of your share of fresh organics.

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  2. Please note that your Pickup Location and Start Date are tentative and will be confirmed by email.
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Select a Share (You can change it at any time*)
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  Qty Share Description Price
The Big Box - This is a value-packed share that does not allow substitutions by members, as that would defeat the purpose, we pack as much into this box as possible for the $50 so more expensive items (Brussels Sprouts, as an example) would never be included. Instead whatever is seasonal and priced best will be included and a lot of it! $50.00
Full Share - The FULL SHARE is a nice mix of fruits and vegetables. There are several kinds of more vegetables than fruits but still a nice assortment giving a nice balanced mix and our most popular box and a great value - many of us find that much of the fruit and vegetables are so fresh that they lasts two weeks (so eat the more perishable things first!) which makes this a great box for going biweekly; however, weekly offers more variety for menu planning since each week offers a different selection therefore we have a bigger variety to use for preparing meals each week (for example one week we will get onions but not the next and we can use the onions with the new assortment the following week) and we don't miss out on any staple items or unique foods. $50.00
Go Paleo! - The Go Paleo! box is suited for those following the Paleo lifestyle; a great assortment of vegetables. This share never includes potatoes (however will include yams); will not include corn. Will not include beans or peas. This share usually contains less fruit than the Full share and more vegetables, particularly leafies. You can choose this share all the time or just whenever our other shares are getting Potatoes or Corn in particular, if you want to opt out of those that week. $50.00
Fruity50 - The Fruity Booty is for those who don't cook at home as much but do snack on fresh fruits. This member isn't as likely to love leafy greens or more unique vegetables and sticks with the basic ones traditionally found in the grocery store while preferring more fruits to vegetables in a share. $50.00
3/4 Share - The 3/4 share (formerly called Half Share) is for those who eat out some or don't eat at home as much. It contains the same vegetables and fruits as the full share only less and some boxes may not include one or more of the variety of fruits or vegetables as found in the full share. $38.00
VeggieOnly - Formerly known as the Veggie/Berry this share used to include berries but since they have not been available for several weeks now we are officially changing this share to the VeggieOnly share. This share is a mix of vegetables, particularly leafy greens, and those that are low glycemic. Therefore will be few root vegetables. Once berry season kicks in, we may include a container of berries too so if you prefer no fruit, please note under allergies. $48.00
Juicer's Delight $25 - This is an stand alone share now. It started as an add-on box BUT many have requested that they would like to get this every week even if they are normally biweekly so we are adding this option as a stand alone share now too! For those that want Greens and things to juice. This box may include leafy greens, herbs, and veggies (some of which are included in our regular share for that week as well as additional items not in the regular share but ideal for juicing.) This box includes a varied mix each week including but not limited to some of the following: leafy greens, beets, apples, carrots, celery, parsley, cucumbers, romaine, sprouts, ginger, lemons, cilantro, and other produce that many juicers use most. Box will vary each week. $25.00
ONLYFruit - The Only Fruit Box has been very popular with schools for snacks and for those members that don't use vegetables but do want to have organic fruits in their home. This is also nice as a 2nd share or an in between share for those wanting more fruit on off weeks. Remember that fruits are more expensive per pound than vegetables so this box may not look as big but is every bit as good a value with fresh seasonal fruits only. $42.00
Fruit Share - This is for those who get a regular share biweekly and just need a bit more fruit to get through until their next regular share. Instead of adding all the extra fruit at the regular biweekly pick up, you want to have an "in-between" share of fresh fruit. This is your biweekly in-between $20 fruit share. PLEASE NOTE: in order to add this share on your opposite week you need to choose your regular share now, then log in and click the "Add a New Share (in addition to the above share(s))" button on that page and choose the opposite biweekly week to get this share on alternate weeks from your regular share. $28.00
Local FL/East Coast Box - All locally grown produce. Note that at times we will use small farms that are not certified organic but are practicing organic methods. Usually will be a farm that is certified organic exempt and always nonGMO from farms we trust. There are not sub requests permitted on the Local FL Box. This is a seasonal share limited to what is locally grown that week. $32.00
TheMini22 - A $22 share designed for those who need just a little in between their pickups, those who need a little bit more at each pick up, those who find the Half (really a 3/4 share) a bit much. $22.00
BYOB: Build Your Own Box - You set the price, min of $22 or max price you want to spend and then list in order of preference all the items you want from the assortment we are getting in that week. We will include a "portion" like other shares or you can specify (5 corn, for example) and we will fill up to value. If you want everything in your list you could state include everything but let me know the cost and we'll email you before running your card. The choice is yours! You can also create a BYOB and then do a bunch of add-ons like the Salad Daze and Herbs and $10 Fruit, customize it the way you choose! $0.00
Select Optional Add-Ons (You can change them at any time*)
  Qty Description (roll over the Add On to see the full description) Frequency Price
Produce Add-Ons
Fruit $28 $28.00
Berry Patch (price varies) $21.15
OnlyFruit $42.00
Herbs $7.00
ALL Lemons $5.00
TheMini22 $22.00
Juicer's Delight $25 $25.00
BYOB Add-on $0.00
Local FL/East Coast Box $32.00
5oz Spring Mix Salad $3.75
5oz Baby Spinach $3.75
1lb Salad Baby Greens $5.79
1lb Baby Spinach $5.79
Dairy & Eggs
Eggs - Pastured, NonGmo, Soy-Free $6.99
Yogurt - VANILLA $6.25
Yogurt - Plain, regular $5.25
Colby, Grass-fed Dairy, 8oz $6.49
Applewood Smoked Cheese, 8oz, grass-fed dairy $7.49
Cheddar, grass-fed dairy, 8oz $6.49
Ready Made
Kombucha, mixed case $48.75
Kombucha single $4.49
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificate $100 $100.00
Gift Certificate $50 $50.00
Talk to us
  1. How did you hear about us?
  2. Friend - Tell us so we can thank them.
  3. Flyer - Where?
  4. Internet Search - What was your search?
  5. Other
  6. Would you like to start a group of your own?
  7. I am interested in becoming a Buying Club Coordinator. I am willing to open up my home for others to pick up their share or I have access to a place of business that will work to accept and put together the boxes each delivery. I understand that I'll get my box for free for helping to distribute the fresh organics to my group. I may even have friends and neighbors interested and will be sure to ask around. I can get flyers here.

*Changes can be made to your Share/Add-Ons, as long as it occurs before the cut-off day and time for the Share, which is typically 3-5 days prior to your scheduled pickup.

  1. 1. I am enrolling in a recurring subscription for fresh organic produce as detailed above.
  2. 2. I can change or skip my share by logging in no later than the deadline which is:
    1. a. Thursday morning for groups meeting Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday;
    2. b. Monday morning for groups meeting Thursday/Friday.
  3. 3. Payment is due a week in advance to avoid a $5 late fee. There is no late fee if I sign up for Auto Pay.
    1. a. Auto Pay is secure. No information resides on this server. Everything is set up to input my information directly on the credit card server so nothing is stored on the Annie's Buying Club site.
    2. b. Auto Pay runs after the deadline noted above. If I skip a share by the deadline, my card will not be charged. If I need to skip my order after the deadline, I will add a note directly in my account.
    3. c. I will always get an immediate email confirmation of any charges and I understand I can review my payment and pickup history in my account history at any time.
    4. d. If I realize that I forgot to log in to skip my share by the deadline and I get my confirmation of payment, I will add a note directly in my account as soon as I get the payment confirmation email so that my order can be canceled and my payment forwarded to the next pickup.
    5. e. If my card fails, I will get an email giving me a chance to update my credit card. I will update it and add a note in my account to run my card again.
    6. f. If payment is not in on time, if my AP fails and I do not update it and note that I updated it, my order may be canceled and a late cancellation fee may be assessed.
  4. 4. I will receive email confirmation of my order as well as when and where to pick up two days prior to each scheduled share.
    1. a. If I think the confirmation is in error (maybe I expected a different share or my add-on is not listed or maybe I thought I had skipped the share), I will add a note directly in my account explaining the change I need done to my share and understand Annie's will do their best to accommodate my request.
    2. b. I will pick up on the day of delivery and within the pickup window (or communicate directly with my coordinator if I need to pick up outside that window.) Most locations offer pick up windows 3:30pm - 6:30pm but some can offer earlier or later options. If I simply show up late without communicating with the coordinator, I may be assessed a $10 late pickup fee paid cash directly to the coordinator for their inconvenience.
  5. 5. If I ever need to skip a share, I will log into my account and change the next pickup date by the deadline or cancel my share. I understand I do not skip simply by not paying. When I order a box of produce, I understand I am responsible for that order. If I decide not to show up, I understand that I will still be charged for it. The share may be donated at my expense or sold on my behalf. If my share is sold, I may be assessed a $10 fee for that inconvenience and extra work associated with selling my extra share but, if sold, the rest of my payment will be forwarded to my next pickup.
  6. 6. While everything is super fresh, I understand this is produce and there may be an issue on occasion. It is my responsibility to go through my box and make sure everything is there and in good condition at pickup.
    1. a. If I have a concern, I will let my coordinator know at pickup. Most of the time my share will be complete and gorgeous but I understand mistakes can happen. It's much easier to correct a mistake while I am still at the location instead of once I leave.
    2. b. If I notice something later that was not obvious at pickup, I will contact Annie's Buying Club via email to that day (no later than a day after pickup) with a picture. Annie's will work hard to resolve my issue. I understand I may need to return the item.
    3. c. I understand that refunds are not issued. If an item is missing from my share or if something is not of good quality, I will notify my coordinator at pickup and my coordinator will make a note of that and I will receive a make-up item of like value at my next pickup.
    4. d. If I ordered an add-on item (dairy, beef, 1lb salad, etc) and that item not arrive, my coordinator will note that it didn't arrive and a credit will be posted to my Annie's account so that I can order that item again or use the credit toward my next share.
  7. 7. As a new member, I understand that it's hard to decide how this will work from one box. Therefore I agree to try three (3) shares before deciding if I need to cancel. I understand that there are no membership fees or long-term commitments at this time and trying three shares allows me to see which box or combination might suit my needs. I pay for each share by the deadline, not all at once. I can log in to change my share before the deadline. I will always get a confirmation email when I make any changes to my account. I have the ability to change shares based upon the sneak peek, add-a-note for substitutions in my account, list allergies, order add-on items to further customize my order, skip a week and even suspend my shares easily by logging into my account by the deadline, making this a very flexible buying club.
  8. 8. I have read and agree to the Terms of Service.
  9. 9. I have read and agree to the Terms of Pick-Up. I will print and bring this with me to my first pickup but even if I fail to do that, I hereby agree to these terms implicitly by making my first pickup and that these cover all locations should I change groups.
  10. Check this box to acknowledge you have read these terms and agree to them.