Welcome to Annie's Organic Buying Club

Nowadays it almost seems as if we have to choose between paying our rent or mortgage, and paying for pure wholesome food. T hat just isn't right. We had to find a better way.

We created Annie's Buying Club combining my background and experience in the food industry, with your and my experience and need as a consumer. We make choosing organics a real option for everyone.

As a buying club, we have the power to buy directly from farms, distributors, and manufacturers. That means the food is fresher, from farmer to you.

In addition, buying direct cuts out a lot of expense, saving us even more money. Grocery stores are notoriously wasteful. A grocery delivery service that stocks it's own product does work more efficiently, but there is still electricity and manpower that is necessary for that business to function and that costs money and uses valuable planet resources. Instead, a buying club uses OUR buying power and OUR manpower to allow us to enjoy super fresh produce at wholesale discounted value.

Our boxes are full of the freshest fruits and vegetables, always a nice balanced selection. And you help decide what's included in your box. Working together, we are able to eat very well, save money on our grocery bills, and significantly cut back on our ecological footprint.

Supporting our local growers reduces food miles and strengthens our community. We focus on seasonal LOCAL organic Florida produce first, then we source organics worldwide to support the hard work of sustainable farmers everywhere.

Joining our buying club is better for us, better for our community, and better for our planet.

Want to save even more? Become one of our Buying Club Coordinators and get your box plus more for FREE! Ask How.

  1. NO Start Up Fees
  2. NO Dues or Membership Fees
  3. NO Long-Term Commitments
  4. NO Big Obligation for Your Valuable Time
  5. NO more Paying Retail
  6. NO excuse not to offer your family the freshest available organic produce!
  7. Recipes & Menu Ideas included!