What's in This Weeks Shares?*

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What's in the box?

October 27 - 31: Fall Flavors

Nov 3 - 7: some Asian inspiration

Share Comparison Chart makes it easy to choose which share and add-ons are best for you this week or even skip a share one week.
Remember to make changes to your account by the deadline

This is our expected list* but substitutions may occur due to quality concerns.

Anticipated shares are posted well over a week in advance offering time for you to review all the shares and add-ons and choose / change to a share that best suits you, choose an add-on or two that week or every time you pick up, add-a-note in your account for substitutions, and even skip a share by logging into your account by the deadline and changing your next pickup date.  Note the dates above indicate what's in store for pick up that week.

Payment is due a week in advance.  If paying online, the site offers a grace period (Thursday NOON promptly for groups meeting Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; and Monday NOON (for groups meeting Thursday and Friday) allowing you to pay online once you change your share by this same deadline.

Please be sure to add-a-note if after changing your share you still would prefer to substitute something out no later than Saturday morning for groups meeting Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Monday noon for groups meeting Thursday, Friday.  If you missed this deadline, you can add-a-note after this time and we'll do our best to accommodate you but many groups are finalized Satuday so if your group had been routed, we would not be able to make those late adjustments for you.

We do offer substitutions; we can more easily sub from add-on shares than one of the primary shares.

If you ordered the 2Veg share:  add-a-note in your account in the area specified  to let us know what you want that week.  There is a place for you to input your preferences but substitutions may apply so if you would would rather we credit you for the 2Veg add-on than sub, please add that note as well.

Be sure to take advantage of the Recipe Collection we post as well as to our Pinterest boards to help you enjoy every last bite!  We have Quick Fix ideas to help get you started.

Storage Tips are included to help you make the most of each item in your share.

We even offer information introducing you to each piece of produce in the share that week as well as a guide on what to eat first (what is most perishable) so you have less waste.

This is our expected list* but substitutions may occur due to quality concerns.

We want you to enjoy the fresh beautiful produce.  Thank you for caring enough to choose organic, support healthier practices for our future, and take care of yourself and those you love by preparing real food deliciously.

Eat Well & Be Well -

Thank you for supporting: